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Proj3kt Nightclub, Burnley

What we did...

Proj3kt was originally conceived in 2016 and after a meeting with the new owners a new scheme was designed for the lighting system.

The plan was to service and re-use some of the existing effects lights and to replace others on the five rigs with more up to date fixtures.

ShowCad which is the lighting controller was re-used with the addition of two midi keyboards and a touch screen and the entire system was re-programmed.

The DJ booth was re-located and monitor speakers were re-flown to suit. LED RGB tape was installed to steps, the DJ booth, stage frontage and the photo wall. Our original custom manufactured lighting rigs were then fitted with LED Dice Cubes to complement the design.

In late 2021 the entire CCTV was also upgraded with a full suite of commercial Uniview IP cameras and NVRs.

  • Client:

    Proj3kt Nightclub, Burnley
  • Category:

    Bespoke Lighting system, Sound & CCTV Installation